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Were you one of those girls that dreamed up their perfect wedding gown on their perfect wedding day at just 10 years old? Did you picture the traditional wedding or something a bit more off the wall?

Times are changing and more brides are ditching the once sacred traditions. One of those traditions is wearing the long, white veil. If you're not so into tradition, you might feel like the veil is a bit old school, and hides your gorgeous makeup.

To help you decide, we'll take you through a brief history of the tradition and layout some different choices for you.

So, veil, or no veil? Let's dive in.

A Brief History

We know it's tradition to wear a veil, but do you know why? Most people don't.

Veils date all the way back to the ancients. They would wrap the bride, "from head to toe to represent the delivery of a modest and untouched maiden." So, basically, mummies.

As if that's not enough, they also believed that the veil "hid her away from evil spirits who might want to thwart her happiness."

While we're on the subject, these are the same reasons brides are to wear white only, because who would want a woman that's ever been touched before? If white isn't your thing, don't be afraid to look into alternative colors... Just watch out for those evil spirits.

Fast forward a few years, the ladies weren't too keen on the "evil spirit" business, but they did continue to wear the veil, only for a new reason. In this time, arranged marriages were all the rage. Imagine standing at the altar in front of your family and friends, and the moment your husband-to-be sees your face, he runs for the hills.

Now it makes sense why the veil can't be lifted until the vows are complete.

Veil Choices

If the hocus pocus veil history hasn't scared you off, you'll need to decide what type of veil you'll wear.

There are a few different styles and lengths.

Here are your length choices:

Blusher - a thin material that reaches just to the shoulders

Elbow Length - popular in the 1960s, this veil is classic and simple

Fingertip Length - Paired best with updos for fun, playful brides

Ballet - this veil drapes down just to the back of the knees

Chapel - reaching down just to the floor, this veil is a very traditional style

Cathedral - Extends far behind the bride, this is the longest style veil.

Beautiful Alternatives

Many brides who aren't fans of traditional veils, but still always dreamed of wearing one, opt-in for the birdcage look. This is a short veil that covers only between the forehead and chin, and is often crafted from Russian netting or lace.

There are tons of different alternatives to veils.

Consider styled bobby pins, headbands, lace, flowers, or even monogram head sliders. Seriously, you can put just about anything on your head.

Just watch out for the bees if you pick flowers.

What's It Gonna Be? Veil, or No Veil?

Whether you chose to be veiled up or not, remember that it's your special day and no one can decide for you. Even if you don't quite agree with tradition, you may still feel like your wedding day will be incomplete without the veil, and that's ok.

After all, most of our 10-year-old wedding day dreams included the veil.

Either way, veil or no veil, you'll still be the most beautiful centerpiece of the evening.

If you still can't decide, why not pick out the perfect dress first? Then you can match your dress perfectly, with or without a veil.

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