The Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Long Relationships All For Me Today

The Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Long Relationships

So, you love your boo, but not enough to move to the same geographic location where they currently reside? Got it. Unfortunately for you, that means your Valentine’s Day gift-giving stakes are higher than those applied to the lucky bastards who see each other so much they can get away with a card and some takeout without provoking a fight. 



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Your gift has to solidify the very beliefs keeping your relationship alive: You are worth pining after! Distance really does make the heart grow fonder! Face Time can be sexy! When [insert life hurdle that’s keeping you apart] is over, you will be together forever and it will be bliss. (Fingers crossed.) Luckily, you’re not left to source up inspiration all on your own. Even John and Paul didn’t write love songs all by themselves—sometimes you need a little help from your friends. And today, dear reader, I am your friend. 


A cute Valentine’s Day outfit

A cute Valentine’s Day outfit is essential on Feb. 14, whether your ideal date is elegant and fancy or low-key and chill. The perfect look could center around just about any item — a festive pink dress, a romantic top, a cozy sweater or even a great-fitting pair of jeans. If you’re more of a shoe or jewelry lover, why not start with accessories and build an outfit around bow-adorned heels or sparkling earrings? Into the at-home V-day date? Stylish leisure sets in festive shades like blush or berry or heart print pajamas are super cute for cozy time on the couch. It all depends on the type of Valentine’s Day date you’re planning — a Galentine’s day party with friends, a dinner date with your S.O. or a family celebration with kids at home. And, of course, your personal aesthetic factors in, be it glamorous, minimal, vibrant or relaxed.

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Did you propose marriage on Valentine's Day?

WITH Valentine's Day fast approaching, romance is in the air.
It's the ideal time to make that huge step from girlfriend/boyfriend to spouse, and many choose to make their marriage proposal at this time.
Did you propose to your partner on Valentine's Day? Maybe you were out on a romantic dinner, or having a special evening at home. Did you go down on one knee?
Most importantly, did they say yes?
Fill out the form below, or email and let us know what happened, and did it all turn out happily ever after?

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