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What's may happen if you do not change your underwear enough


Cleanliness is next only to godliness, we say and so we start our day brushing, flossing, bathing and what not every day. Well, almost every day. We all are not boring enough to fall in the category of squeaky cleanliness. And if we are, let us assume some are not for the sake of the following discussion.
It is not just about being boringly clean, or being obsessive about cleanliness but being clean has many health perks too. Following is the list of what happens when you do not change your underwear every day, and this doesn’t happen for lack of choices but scarcity of the motivation to move our butts.

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If you are not changing your panties even after they get dirty, your skin might get itchy and you will look like a scratching lice-ridden hamster. Unclean panties cause irritation to the skin because of bacterial build up down there. Sweating, dead skin or microbe infestations are common in areas that are not cleaned regularly.

Vaginal Irritation: Common Causes And How To Treat Them | SELF


Sores or rashes

Rashes develop if itchiness persists and goes untended. They develop in response to bacterial infections, which lead to skin inflammation and rashes. Moisture and harmful leftover excreta particles also lead to these protrusions and one of the common rashes that you may develop is a heat rash.

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Foul odour

Here’s our fact of the day: Science has established that there’s about a tenth of a gram of faecal matter in most pairs of underwear. Vaginas are a host to bacteria which combined with traces of discharge, if not cleaned and aired every day, will develop a different and foul smell.

Bad Body Odor: What it Says About Your Health | Everyday Health


Yeast infection

Yeast and bacteria thrive in moist environments. If you wash and don’t dry, yeast may thrive in your panties. So, apart from keeping them properly aired, you should keep them clean and dry.

Yeast infections: Causes, symptoms, and treatment


Urinary Tract Infection

UTI happens when colonic bacteria crawls its way up to vagina. If you wear the same underwear for too long, the particles of faeces may reach your vagina and you will be slammed with an infection. So, change them often and try washing them in hot water to rid them of all the infectious particles.

Women and Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) | Urethral Stricture Treatment


Pubic lice

If you do not prefer to chop off your pubic hair, they will need to be kept clean and dry. If not, pubic lice can occur near the roots of the hair. Changing your underwear every day will ensure that the moisture that is needed to sustain these lice is not provided for.


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