How do you identify about genuine leather? All For Me Today

How do you identify about genuine leather?

How do you identify about genuine leather?

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Leather jackets, shoes, belts or wallets... For most of us, these are must-haves for shopping. Unfortunately, we encounter very often with imitation goods of chic, durable and healthy items that are a little expensive. Just because it is a brand name, the products we pay high prices by assuming that they are real leather can wear off quickly and make you feel down. So how can you identify genuine leather from imitation leather to avoid from that kind of situation?

Most of us try to identify these products from the price difference. We assume that genuine leather is more expensive but this criterion alone can be misleading. Because many brands in the market just because of their design or brand name are selling expensive products. You can also consider this. Let's take a look at the other criterias.

Leather Smell

Picking up and smelling a jacket from store shelves can make you feel strange, but the smell is one of the most important signs of whether a leather is real. If it is the first time that you will buy a leather product or you are not sure that you can recognize the smell of leather, we can suggest you another shortcut. Firstly, smell a product that you know is imitation leather, and then try your new product. Genuine leather has a very distinct smell that cannot be imitated on synthetic leather. If you are at the "All For Me Today"  online store, you will not have to waste time with the products, take a deep breath and that is exactly what we are talking about...

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Look Closer

Don’t forget where a real leather comes from and look for small roughness and characteristic features on the surface of your leather jacket or bag. Imitation leathers have a smoother, regular and dull appearance. Keep in mind that imperfections on the surface of the imitation leather may occur. If the roughness is randomly distributed on the surface of leather then it can be another clue that it is real leather. Layout and perfection are two basic signs that you should avoid.

You can test it with fire!

First of all, be careful and do not forget to consult the owner of the product. If you hold a lighter to a piece of leather, it will shrink and curl, but it hardly catches fire or continues to burn. However, imitation leather contains synthetic materials so that it will catch fire easily and smell like burning plastic.

Genuine Leather Wrinkles

Genuine leather has its own flexibility so that if you flex it out of shape, then it will change color and wrinkle. Imitation leather hardly twists, the color stays the same and does not wrinkle.

Should I buy the expensive one?

Leather items are very durable, quality products and are consequently expensive. So can it be a sign for us to be expensive? We can say yes, but not always. Since well-known brands reflect their own brand values ​​to the prices, we recommend that you remember that the price of a branded imitation jacket can reach or even exceed the price of a real leather jacket.

To make decisions, apply several of the thems mentioned above, we hope that you can come through with a satisfying conclusion on your own.


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