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Why Motorcycle Riders Always Prefer Leather Biker Jackets

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Motorcycle riding is fun. Bikers are naturally some of the coolest people in the community. However, bike riding comes with some of its traditional features. Leather biker jackets are almost necessary for many riders. Although, many newer materials like Kevlar, nylon and wax cotton have been introduced, leather still remains the gold standard for bike riders.

Over the past so many decades, motorcycle riding and leather jackets have been linked together. In fact, riders almost always prefer leather jackets over any other materials. Also, the more recent riding body suits are often leather-made as well. So, what makes these the most popular amongst the motorcycle riding community? Read through to find out more:


Leather jackets for motorcycle riding have been around for ages. In fact, the very early car drivers also used leather jackets for their ability to keep the body warm. From the good old days when leather was the warmest fabric around, these jackets have caught on.

In the past, it was very common for dads to pass on their leather motorcycle jackets down the generations. In all fairness, these became the standard and a much have motorcycle riding accessory in many parts of the world. The tradition has been the same ever since.


Leather motorcycle jackets caught on so much that many famous movie stars too to them for shoots. Even some of the biggest Hollywood films have featured leather riding jackets. Tom Cruise with his Top Gun series and also the Mission Impossible leather jackets has made it a trend.

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Even before Tom and after him, many movie stars have worn leather jackets in scenes quite much. Every trend that sets in has to do something with movies or TV series in some way. So, all these famous TV stars showing off their cool leather jackets have made it quite trending.

Also, this trend is not going to stop any time soon. Leather jackets & Pants for bikers look the coolest. Even off camera, movie stars use leather jackets the most. More these jackets get highlight in films, more their trend will boom even further. Fair to say, leather motorcycle jackets are here to stay.


Motorcycle riding is always risky businesses. They say four wheels move the body; two wheels move the soul. It may be true but still two wheels are always lost for balance with the smallest mistake. So, you need whatever help you can get while riding that favourite fast motorcycle.

Padded leather jackets can keep riders safe in small to medium accidents or coming of the bike. Thick leather materials offer a good shield over the body to keep safe from scratches and scrapes. Road scrapes can be quite painful. But leather jackets can keep you safe.

Also, the best biker leather jackets are equipped with metallic or carbon fiber padding as well. So, these help in protecting important parts of the body including the chest, elbows and the back. Padded leather jackets for motorcycle riding are naturally more expensive than regular leather jackets though.


Weather conditions impact riding days quite much. In fact, the UK is a very cold country of the world most months of the year. Leather jackets were designed back in the day due to their ability to keep the body warm. Even before jackets when people used to wear animal hide, it was for its warm nature.

When you look at different fabrics, leather for its thickness, offers the most warmth. At the same time, leather is somewhat breathable fabric as well. It keeps the body warm while keeping it fresh as well. In fact, leather biker jackets are all weather allrounders offering great fun any time.


Even on a biking day, riders don’t spend all day on the motorcycle at all. While going into shopping malls or anywhere else off the bike, bikers are still in their on-bike apparel. This is where leather biker jackets are always great. These look good when you are on the motorcycle and better when you are off it.

Whether you are speeding on a motorway or going for that dinner in a fine-dine restaurant, that leather jacket will not make you look bad. It is in style for on and off-bike moments of the day. Also, leather jackets in the UK are in fashion all year offering protection and style combined.


Leather jackets are expensive. There is no doubt about that. Some of the best leather biker jackets can go for multiple hundreds of Pounds. However, there is good reason to invest in expensive leather jackets. The major one being them aging so gracefully.

In fact, some brands even sell already aged leather jackets for motorcycle riding. Aged leather looks even better than brand new leather when done right. With correct maintenance, these jackets will look even more attractive five years after you purchase them.

Also, small wear and tear is to be expected. Even, some jackets will get torn in different places with regular use. Also, leather wrinkles make the jacket look great. However, even some tears can be repaired on leather jackets. This is not something you can say about many fabric materials.


It is not uncommon for quality leather jackets to be passed down from dads to sons and even grandads to grandsons. These help keep your body warm and well protected on that cold motorcycle riding day. Leather biker jackets have and always will be in fashion making you look awesome. These have been made more famous by celebs showing them off.

Leather ages gracefully and so do jackets made from the material. All you need is some key steps like not hanging your leather jacket wet and polishing it every once in a while. It will last long while making the wearer look cool and feel handsome. Vintage Leather offers some of the best leather jackets for motorcycle riding.




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