How To Measure Women Actual Brief Size !

Suit Line

Looking in the mirror find the area between your waist and seat that is the fullest. (Usually (3-4) inches below your natural waist line)With heels together measure around the fullest part. This may be at your hip bone or at the fullest part of your abdomen. The placement will also vary for each person depending on your shape. Make sure that the tape is level all the way around and doesn't rise or dip in the front or back.
How To Measure Women Brief From Front Side

How To Measure Women Brief From Back Side



Approximately (9) inches below the natural waist This should be whatever part of your body is the widest. For some this may be around the lower stomach area. Keeping the tape parallel with the floor, pull it snugly, but not too tight. Make sure the tape is level all the way around, and doesn't rise or dip in the front and doesn't rise above your buttocks in the back. USUALLY THE WIDEST MEASUREMENT. Biography.

How To Measure Your Hips Area

How To Measure Your Hips Area From Back


Crotch Height

The best way to do this is standing in front of a mirror wearing jeans. Measure only in the front (START WHERE THE CROTCH SEAM IS ON YOU JEANS) pull tape measure upwards towards the waist. Take your desired height measurement. We do not need your total height all the way to the waist but where you would like the top part of the bottoms to end. Do this both front and back make sure you start from the same place on crotch.

How To Measure Your Crotch Height

One Piece Body Length

For all one piece styles measure from your RIBCAGE or under bust to where your crotch starts to disappear. You should not curve your tape measure in-between your legs.

How To Measure One Piece Bikini | Swimsuit

Neck Length

(Do this only if hooks are wanted) start measuring tape under the breast where you took the under bust measurement then pull tape towards the neck stopping at the spine.

How To Measure Swimsuit Neck Line