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It's All About The Color What Each Color Stands For In Your Wedding Dress

It's All About The Color What Each Color Stands For In Your Wedding Dress

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Buying the perfect wedding dress can often be a fun- yet exhausting- process. There are plenty of details to consider when choosing the dress that fits the overall theme and vibe of your wedding. It especially gets a little more difficult when you're are choosing a non-traditional color for your wedding.

Picking a significant color for your wedding dress could really make or break the rest of the ceremony aesthetics. Keep reading if you are wanting to incorporate a special color for your gown but aren't sure which one to choose. Here is a list of wedding dress color meanings.

White Wedding Dress

The color white has one of the most commonly known wedding dress color meanings. White is the most traditional color for the bride to wear. It typically stands for purity and innocence. It is a color that also symbolizes wholeness and peace.
White may seem outdated but it will also be a classic color with beauty in its simplicity.

Blue Wedding Dress

Blue may have more traditionally masculine wedding dress color meanings. Blue can symbolize more of a more serious color of determination when in darker shades. A lighter blue may stand for healing, hope, and tranquility.

There is also the tradition of having "something blue" during you're wedding that most people still like to include. Why not let it be your show-stopping gown?

Pink Wedding Dress

Pink is a very soft, feminine color. Brides who choose to wear different shades of this beautiful color will have many wedding dress color meanings to choose from. For instance, a deeper, darker pink may symbolize more fun and romance. Meanwhile, a more pale, blush pink may signify shyness or sensuality.

Either way pink is the color of love.

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Black Wedding Dress

Black is often seen as having negative wedding dress color meanings. However, black can add a sense of power and mystery to your ceremony. Black is an elegant and sophisticated color, which is why it's used for formal black-tie events.
You will surely show the guests that the modern bride can be bold and courageous with this color!

Yellow Wedding Dress

Yellow is a wonderfully bright-toned color that usually means happiness, contentment, and joy. Yellow can add a jubilant and gleeful energy to your ceremony that guests will surely enjoy. This color is also the perfect choice for adding a warm and welcoming touch to your event.
You'll definitely shine brighter than you already would with choosing this dress color!

Red Wedding Dress

Many wedding dress color meanings may come to mind when you think of red but one common thing is for sure- it's daring! Red signifies passion, energy, and enthusiasm. It can add a feeling of romantic love and deep admiration to any occasion.
There's no doubt that the lady in red will always turn heads!


Have More Questions About Wedding Dress Color Meanings?

Have you decided which of the wedding dress meanings resonates with you?

Take your time and do some reflection with your partner on what type of meaning and energy you would like your ceremony to have overall. This may help point you in the right direction of what wedding dress color you should choose.

If you'd like to see some gorgeous examples of how different colors may look at your wedding then consider visiting our bridal shop collection.


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