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Seven Things to Keep in Mind before Going for a Waxing Session In 2022

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Feeling your smooth skin after a waxing session is great. But getting a bad reaction from a sketchy salon? Not so much! But being clean-cut is an important thing; waxing or the process of hair removal has been in trend.

Although having body hair is perfectly natural (Given that we are mammals and have hairy ancestors) and nothing to be embarrassed by, for some people, it is nothing but a nuisance. Hence, for them, body waxes exist.

Now comes the question, Why choose wax over any other hair removal methods? Well, other hair removal methods like hair removal creams, razors, and wax strips, may feel easier to use or relatively less painful, but the benefits of waxing are way more than the other methods. Waxing is safe as the possibility of cuts or skin irritation is less than the rest of the products, which you may trust blindly. Waxing removes hair from the roots and leaves nothing but smooth and even skin. It removes not just the body hair but also the dry & dead skin that makes the skin look darker after hair removal

While waxing helps you flaunt your smooth skin for the next 3-4 weeks but it can also be a spur-of-the-moment decision. If you wish to make the most of your waxing decision and preferably want it to be painless and reaction free you need to prep your skin for it.

So let’s find out how you can get wax ready before your next appointment…

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No Razors

Between two of your waxing appointments, DO NOT SHAVE with a RAZOR! Even for emergencies. When you have waxed once, your body hair begins to change its behavior and aligns accordingly to suit the waxing process. It will grow much less and thin. But once you use a razor, it will go back to its old scruffy behavior to grow thick and dense and even develop into twins from the same pore.

If there is no growth, it can be difficult for the wax to grip, so it is advisable to wait at least 2-3 weeks in-between wax appointments and not longer because longer hair can make the next waxing session a scream-fest!

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Do tend to any Bruises or Cuts. 

Open skin spots are an invitation to reactions and bacteria, not to mention a super painful treat all through the process. So if you have some fresh bruises or cuts, let them heal completely before your wax appointment. Because damaged skin deteriorates and gets even worse with hot wax and then pulling out the action. make sure you tend to these injuries and schedule your waxing appointment.

We all love – Exfoliation.

During the waxing process, your body hair gets pulled out of the skin pore right from the base follicles, i.e., the roots of the hair. This is what makes regrowth slower. But dirt and dust trapped in these pores clogs them and makes it callous for the hair to get pulled out.

To avoid this, we suggest you exfoliate the area that you would want to wax with a store-bought or preferably a homemade scrub. The scrub will rub through the pores, clean them up, and will open them for the hairs to be pulled out of the pores. It not only makes the process less painful but provides for clean removal of hair along with dead skin cells in and around the open pores.

How to exfoliate after waxing - :

Pamper yourself with baby powder


Most places on your body that require waxing have sebaceous glands/sweat glands right beneath the skin pores. And so liquids keep leaking out of our bodies all the time. Constant sweating makes the skin oily and greasy for the wax to be pulled off. Therefore, consider sprinkling some baby powder on the skin before you apply the wax so that it absorbs all the oil and grease, which in turn makes it easy for the wax to come off from the skin.


Most people would tell you to do the same after waxing too. However, it is not advisable. Instead, we suggest trying a couple of rubs of Aloe vera or Aloe Vera Gel on the skin.. It soothes the damaged skin patches and evens the skin tone. 


Aloe vera gel on the skin

Keep your Bikini area clean

For a smooth and least fussy waxing experience, before going for your waxing appointment, it is essential to have your skin around the bikini area clean.

Those areas of the body tend to be damper and, in turn, end up being infested with maximum bacterial growth. Since waxing can leave your skin vulnerable to bacterial infection, take steps. Take necessary precautions before getting a Brazilian wax done. Removing hair from the bikini line can remove a layer of dead skin from the area or form a patch, so it’s unlikely to cause dry skin. If in case, your skin is arid or sunburnt, to begin with, you can skip the hair removal. Always moisturize after hair removal.

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Know what type of wax you want

Yes, there is more than one type of wax. Although your salon menu card might offer just a few of them it is important to know what suits you and is essential to your skin.

  • A regular bikini wax is the standard type, which only takes pubic hair off the sides of the bikini line.
  • A Brazilian bikini wax removes all or nearly all of the hair from the front to the back of the region around the bikini area.
  • A full bikini wax style removes all hair from the vulva and back but keeps a triangle in the front. The triangle is optional; you can choose to have it waxed off too.

Besides this, if your skin is sensitive or allergic to certain things, be sure to choose hypoallergenic wax products.

So these are 7 Things to keep in mind before going for a waxing session; make sure you check all of them before you make your next waxing appointment…


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