What's Make A Good Competition Of Shoes

What's Make A Good Competition Of Shoes

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You can’t rely on just any shoe when you’re getting competitive in heels. You want something that can complement your posture while being comfortable enough to stand and walk in for a long time. You may need a quality competition shoe if you’re doing any of the following events:

  • Beauty pageants
  • Pole dancing
  • Drag shows
  • Bikini contests

Finding the Perfect Shoe for You
How can you choose the right pair of heels for these competitions anyway? Two of the most important factors are comfort and style. The rest is completely up to you! Generally, a good competition shoe should:

Have a Platform
We all want a comfortable competition shoe and picking one with a platform under the toe can ensure that. They minimize how much pressure gets put on the balls of your feet, making it easier to walk. Even heels with thin platforms can help you maintain stability because they keep the soles of your feet flat. This makes it easier for you to change positions while posing on stage.

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Be Stylish
If you’re in a beauty pageant, stylish heels are a must! You want something that can make you look and feel your best on stage. It’s also important to pick the right kind of shoe based on what you’re wearing.

For example, open-toed or strappy shoes are great for swimsuit competitions or events with evening gowns. Closed-toe shoes are best for more formal occasions. Rhinestones or bling look incredible under lights and can make you stand out.

Don’t Get Higher Than What You’re Comfortable With . 

Not confident in your ability to wear higher heels yet? There are plenty of mid to low heels that look just as great. You should never sacrifice comfort for style. If you can’t walk in high heels properly, your shoes will make clunky noises on stage, and you might fall or hurt your ankle.

Have Ankle Straps

Picking a shoe with ankle straps is great for more security and support. This will ensure it doesn’t accidentally slip off while you’re walking or performing on stage. One important thing to note is that if you need to change shoes and outfits during your show, you’ll need a little extra time to get them on and off.

Be Versatile

The last thing you want is to buy a nice pair of heels that you’ll only wear once. A good competition shoe should be versatile enough to serve you through several events other than your pageant or show. There’s no need to get a bunch of shoes for all your wardrobe outfits when you can buy one or two pairs that look fabulous with anything. It’ll also allow you to break your heels in quicker since you’ll wear them more!

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