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The Curvy Girl’s Lingerie Checklist In 2023

The Curvy Girl’s Lingerie Checklist In 2023

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Get Yourself Fitted

You probably have your notes from the last time you shopped for clothes, but the special thing about bodies is that it is forever changing. Hormones, eating habits, menstrual cycle, fitness routine and other factors can affect your vital statistics and cause it to fluctuate. Even if you haven’t done anything significant to alter your body shape, it is still important to keep your measurements updated. When you have accurate sizes, your lingerie for plus size women will look a whole lot better against your curvaceous body. So bring out that measuring tape, or drop by the nearest professional from stores to keep yourself on top of your measurements.

Cover Up Insecurities 

Of course, self love and body positivity is always encouraged. There are times, however, that insecurities get the best of us. It is a fact when you flaunt your best features and hide your least favorite parts of your body, you become more confident. Targeting your problem areas is okay if it makes you feel more self-assured and positive. There are certain plus size lingerie styles and cuts that emphasize your best features and conceal those you want hidden. High waisted lingerie for curvy women can be perfect for those who want to keep those love handles out of sight while plus size body stockings will camouflage those stretch marks and cellulite. It is a matter of accepting that all bodies, plus-sized or not, are flawed. Only the right plus size lingerie can work its way through those flaws and make you look flawless!

Get Support

If you are blessed with fuller and bigger breasts, you need all the support you can get. It is not enough that a lingerie piece or lingerie set is simply beautiful, it also needs to provide enough reinforcement. If the support is not adequate, your plus size lingerie will make it look sagging and unappealing which will ruin the whole essence of sexy lingerie. Those flimsy and minimalistic lingerie will only look good until extra skin bounces around and gives you discomfort. Plus size lingerie needs to be functional as it is sexy. Lingerie with underwires, sturdy straps, and good quality fastening is crucial to keep your body intact.

Work with Your Body Shape

Plus size is not your body shape, you also have to be aware of your body shape. Knowing what shape you are can guide you into figuring out which sexy plus size lingerie will flatter you the most. Apple, pear, athletic, hourglass; every shape has a place in lingerie. Apple shape beauties can wear plus size thongs that can put emphasis on your hips and booty. Tummy heavy shapes can wear plus size babydoll dresses or waist cinching corsets which can give out an illusion of curves. If you do not know which shape your plus size body falls under, then read up and educate yourself. Use this information as your armor in the lingerie battlefield. When you know which styles work for you, it will be easier to cancel out lingerie sets that won’t do you any good as you scroll through the catalog.

Color Choice

Black is a sophisticated color and is usually worn when one wants to look slimmer. Black may seem heaven sent for plus girls, but: do not settle for just black! Black may be flattering but you can also wear other colors too! Do not hesitate on other colors just because it does not make you look slimmer. Express yourself with other lingerie colors such as sultry lipstick red which will be a hit in the bedroom, baby blue which is both sweet and casual or maybe even neon colors that will make you feel like you are always in a rave! Plus size lingerie is a celebration, and what is a party without some color?

Pick Your Fabric

The material of the lingerie is often overlooked but is nevertheless a vital factor you should consider before committing to an item. True for all sizes of lingerie, comfort plays a huge role in the sexiness department. Itchy fabric can ruin any sexy moment. If you also plan to layer your plus size lingerie, keep everything lightweight. Having too thick materials put on top of each other may add that unwanted bulk and make you appear bigger than you actually are. If you are going for a seductive faux leather piece, you can layer it with lightweight lace kimonos. A thin silk plus size babydoll can be worn with your nylon plus size panties.

Last but not least…

Be Fearless!

When you have all the above rules down pat, then the sky is the limit! Probably the most important part of plus size lingerie shopping is to have fun! Testing out new designs, styles, and colors is always part of the process and it is okay if you do not hit the home run the first time you shop. Never think that thongs, bikinis, and all that jazz are just for those with a tiny waist and lean legs. You’ll never know unless you try. That bra and panty set you have been dying to try on might come in plus size bras and plus size panties so do not forget to check the product description. Prove all those naysayers wrong and show them that plus-sized can mean plus the sexiness!

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